I'm 41 today!

Hi, I’m 41 today and I have some stuff to say. I’m pretty stinkin’ grateful to be here, to be this exact age, to be doing what I love with the people I love. So here are some gratitudes for today: About 20 yrs ago, I moved to Seattle from NC with about $1500 and all my stuff in a van so I could be somewhere wild, salty & new, and to try to make a go of this art thing. I worked a few years as a gallery attendant, applied to shows, craft fairs, and every weird little festival, & experimented with resin in a drafty $100/month studio down by the water in Pioneer Sq. I quit my job a couple yrs later, moved to an island in the Puget Sound & jumped into making full time (despite the crushing fear of failure and anxiety) Somehow this all kind of panned out. I look back and am astonished. Not all at once obviously, but in a gradual series of rising waves I guess. 🌊 I’m incredibly thankful for that time, the friends I met 🖤, the struggle... . ⇻ I’m thankful for the unique set of circumstances that made me me: I was admittedly the strange, only child who grew up on a mountain in pre-Internet days, collected bones, rocks, and other oddities, did weird stuff to my hair and sometimes wore necklaces made from dried frogs. 😅 I had a family who *mostly encouraged it, gave me art supplies & thrift store art books, and let me figure it out on my own. . ⇻ I’m thankful for the countless art lovers, shows, galleries, museum stores, & shops who gave me a chance. Who saw something. ⇻ I’m thankful that the little things I make with my hands & heart actually support my family. I honestly can’t believe I get to do this everyday. . ⇻ I’m incredibly thankful to YOU for riding along. Thank you for making my dreams come true & investing in my work. Thank you for supporting my little biz. Some of you have been encouraging me and collecting my art for 20+ years and that feels really special and sometimes I cry because of it. 🖤 . ⇻ Also, I’m thankful for all the life stuff and down times and rejections and heartbreaks. It has made my work real. If anyone ever wants to just chat or talk about resin or art or fears or craft shows or life or whatever, just DM me. 👋🏼 I’ve been there. 🖤🖤

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